Tai Lue Jacket

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Tai Lue Jacket

Chicago River Looking Up

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g12-29-05e chicago bridges

Do you have any idea who you’re talking to?

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Do you have any idea who you’re talking to?

I’m an undercover superhero with a meth problem.


Technically it’s not a problem

it’s the source of my super powers.


I can fly around the living room

cursing the people at Social Services

in no uncertain terms.


I punched a hole in the door to the bathroom.


I drove Jeff’s truck into a pond

and lived.


Now I ride a super DUI scooter

from episode to episode

bringing good cheer and cheap malt liquor

to the masses.


You think you know me

but all you really know is my mask.

We’re not really arguing

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OK now.
Let’s not get carried away
or anything

Just sit down.

Or don’t sit down.
I don’t really care.

I’m sitting.


Look, you’ve got some objections
and I know that this is valid.

There’s not really
at it’s heart
a disagreement here.

Sure, it’s a disagreement
but our views aren’t that far apart.

You know.
Views as in perspective.

It’s not like I think you’re wrong.
It’s just that I disagree.

Yeah, no, it’s not like a fight.
It’s a difference of opinion.
Both are valid.
This is just what we think.
Each of us

He Was Called

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Photo Remix by Paul Smedberg



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Photo Remix by Paul Smedberg

I’ve got work to do

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then I started procrastinating
then I started writing a procrastinators’ manifesto
now I’m reduced to reading random posts
and self observation

time for a break

but I’ve got to work

I get up and pace
in and out of the office

why am I agitated?

my head
my left shoulder
I can’t remember anybody’s name
I can’t . . .
my feet give out
I fall
in the hall
looking closely at the carpet
the dirty carpet
with motes of dust slowly settling

such a beautiful pattern
gently quickly unfolding
seeing through the wall
like a surprise party

I’ve been on vacation a long time
so happy to be home.