Some nice plants

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g2017-07-05l plant silhouetteSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


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It’s all OK, but I can’t breathe

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It’s all OK, but I can’t breathe.

Everything else is working out well

and doing just fine.


The breathing is


the central problem.


Well, I suppose it’s only a problem

if you fear death.


Many suppose they don’t fear death

fewer just plain don’t.


I’m thinking fear.


What with not breathing

and some interpersonal problems

that would probably take much longer to unfold.


I’d really like to breathe.


In hale.

That worked.

Problem solved.
I feel especially fortunate.

From San Jose, Costa Rica

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Tai Lue Jacket

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Tai Lue Jacket

Chicago River Looking Up

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g12-29-05e chicago bridges

Do you have any idea who you’re talking to?

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Do you have any idea who you’re talking to?

I’m an undercover superhero with a meth problem.


Technically it’s not a problem

it’s the source of my super powers.


I can fly around the living room

cursing the people at Social Services

in no uncertain terms.


I punched a hole in the door to the bathroom.


I drove Jeff’s truck into a pond

and lived.


Now I ride a super DUI scooter

from episode to episode

bringing good cheer and cheap malt liquor

to the masses.


You think you know me

but all you really know is my mask.