I’m Almost Done Writing Poetry Today

I’m almost done writing poetry today
Boy, that was tough
Turned out some sonnets
With alliteration out the wazoo
And these cute little
internal rhymey things

Big topics
passionate topics
Subtle but cataclysmic relationship stuff
Feelings on a stick
Poured into the meter
Like a stripper into Lycra
or something


It really feels good
for a guy to write a poem
I mean a good one
A real good one
with the music of the language
and, you know, themes of enduring importance
and stuff

Just enough of the craziness
just enough not meaning anything
but maybe meaning a lot

I love that shit

And then at the end
just this tiniest bit of self awareness
like a little wink.

~ by bracketbracket on November 16, 2013.

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