Cetacean Script

Y’know how in Science Fiction there are all these really great ideas that are strewn throughout a bunch of plot and characterization.

Well screw that.

Here’s the SF “big idea” in graphics with all that bothersome plot gunk in a highly compressed form. It goes like this . . .

Some diver guy finds a pattern of marks on the sea floor. “Hey” he thinks, “what made this?” He’s a scientist guy. So he realizes, “Whoa! These are little indentations in the sea floor mud that a dolphin made with its nose using various degrees of noseprint force to make larger and smaller circles.”

Pattern of Dolphin nose marks in sea floor clay

So he looks at it, and looks at it, and maybe takes pictures and pulls them up on his computer. Then he realizes that all the noseprints are following a spiral.

Pattern of Dolphin nose marks in sea floor clay

And somehow he figures out that this sequence of noseprints is a dolphin poem or essay. This pattern of noseprints represents a piece of cetacean written communication.

And then, like, the next day or something, he sees stuff added by a different dolphin.

Pattern of Dolphin nose marks in sea floor clay

And so he like figures out that this is some sort of commentary or call-and-response or meta-text in the dolphin written language/literature.

Pattern of Dolphin nose marks in sea floor clay

Then, of course, there’s this other hot and really smart scientist and a bunch of stuff about sunken submarine Nazi gold and a big underwater chase and a bunch of explosions and the scientists work with the dolphins to just barely avoid the neo-Nazi take-over and just barely save the planet in a kind of warm and uplifting ecological way.

And the dolphins have babies.

~ by bracketbracket on April 2, 2012.

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  1. Babies?

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