If I wrote about what I knew

If I wrote about what I knew
I wouldn’t write about anything.

I’d write about mousepads
and dirty keyboards
with a sticky backspace key

I’d write about the crappy operating system
that has crashed again
and the little green light on the hard drive
that starts blinking furiously
for no known reason

I’m not doing anything
and suddenly it starts it’s cha cha

saving it’s own messages to itself
never even showing them to me

If I was really really dangerous
If I was a rogue and a natural born killer
I’d run MSCONFIG and just randomly change stuff
I’d change the word “SETPARAMETER”
to “Wounded Elephants”
with the search and replace
and then save without backup

I’d deliberately install the wrong printer driver
and erase the right one

I’d go into the windows directory
and erase everything that started with a “c”

~ by bracketbracket on January 5, 2012.

One Response to “If I wrote about what I knew”

  1. Wait, I start with a C;…(

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