Sussing the Unseen Dog


Launch the video and audio loop Sussing the Unseen Dog (26meg) in a new window.  Stare at it. Keep staring and listening.

Scientists have it tough. They rarely get to look directly at what they are studying.

When studying the movement of galaxies, they are looking at the change in color of galaxies. When studying thought processes in the brain they might look at the beat or frequency of electrical data. They are endlessly looking at mere shadows of activity they cannot directly see.

This video is a metaphor of scientific data and inquiry. We know, because of our familiarity with the components something about what is happening off camera – starting in the audio track and eventually becoming evident in the video.

So now imagine just having this video and trying to learn something about the dog – making science with the merest of clues. Thus the metaphor:

Dog / Video  =  Our understanding of the universe / Data we can get

~ by bracketbracket on January 3, 2011.

One Response to “Sussing the Unseen Dog”

  1. Especially true for studies of atoms and sub-atomic particles. Or black holes, based on energy from things that spin around & fall into them.

    I got the loop to play in Chrome, by the way, but not in Safari.

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