Tripelia: A Brave New Sport

[This is a conceptual art piece. Read the text and imagine the play.]

Tripelia is played on a double-width tennis court with three balls — two tennis balls and one volleyball.

Two teams of 7 players face off. Each player has a racquetball racket.

The goal is to hit the volleyball with either tennis ball while the volleyball is above your opponents’ court.

The volleyball can be headed, hit with the racket, or with one or two hands.

The tennis balls must be hit with a racket.

Tennis balls are allowed one bounce on the ground and up to two times on rackets on each side of the net. The volleyball has to go back and forth over the net only being hit once on each side of the net. When hit or headed, the volleyball must go up-ish. No spiking down.

Play stops when the volleyball hits the ground, or when either tennis ball hits the ground outside the court, or when either tennis ball hits the ground after a first bounce.

Teams take turns serving the volleyball from outside the back of the court.

The receiving team serves the two tennis balls, underhand, after the volleyball is served, but before it is touched by the receiving team. A point cannot be scored on a serve.

Game is 5 points, winning by two or more.

. . .

Think about these rules and imagine the game play.

Your mental images of game play constitutes the “aesthetic” goal, artistic purpose or end product of this conceptual text.

~ by bracketbracket on November 25, 2010.

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