If I were

I am so

I remember
being not quite
this broke

But never
this broke

and cheese whiz
and whatever I can make on a hot pad
with flour and water

Little hard pancakes
which I dredge through hotsauce
or dip into the pickle brine

And I’m feeding the dog on my neighbors garbage
from behind the building
And she is doing fine
she loves garbage

And I do have a roof at night
a big empty apartment
that I have to cleanly vacate
every morning
in case they show it

And I’ve applied for a job
which I’ve got a good chance of getting
at the research hospital
as chief resident neurosurgeon

I haven’t interviewed yet,
but the lady at the desk
was very impressed with
my theories about how
the structure of activity
in the hypothalamus
mirrors the organization
of a bee hive.

~ by bracketbracket on August 29, 2010.

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