Empire America, Entertainment, Environmental

So, I started with the tags for a fairly broadly targeted document.

Then I remixed them, cutting up and rearranging the words.

The tag list came from Pakalert



Empire America, Entertainment, environmental
Pakistan, Palestine, NATO

Barack Obama, Bailout Bubble
Afghanistan, al-Qaeda, alarmism, America

Breaking Point, Business, calamity, China, Christmas
World War 3, World War III
Videos, war, war on terror
Taliban, terror, Trend Alert
Trend Forecast
Zionist, Mossad, Middle East
social, survival, Survivalism
Happy New Year, health

economic collapse
economic crisis
economic decline
economic recession
empire America
economic meltdown
financial crisis

global recession
Gaza Massacre
Gerald Celente

RAW, Russia, Project 2012
CIA, cultural, USA, Video

India, Iran, Iraq, Israel

American empire
financial meltdown

Trend Research
Trends Journal
U.S., United States



~ by bracketbracket on May 1, 2010.

One Response to “Empire America, Entertainment, Environmental”

  1. That’s probably a synopsis of Rachel Maddow’s dreams every night.

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