Snowy Night Woods

Photo Remix by Paul Smedberg

Jeannette and I went for a nighttime walk in the woods during a snow last night. This mix is based on flash pictures taken in the forest. My best guess is that the big white balls are snow falling close to the lens, catching the flash.

~ by bracketbracket on February 6, 2010.

One Response to “Snowy Night Woods”

  1. Many years ago, perhaps 30, in Bloomington, I saw a strange icy phenomenon that I haven’t seen since. It was on the ground just in front of the Union Building, above Dunn Meadow. The cold weather had somehow created little stalagmites out of the frozen earth. Was it steam escaping & freezing? I can’t remember now if it was just ice or frozen mud. I think it was just ice, pointy, lots of it – reverse icicles.

    That triggers another memory – the ice stalagmites got me thinking of making a science show for BCAT – a fake science show, called BCAT Science Corner, I think. I would show strange phenomena & give bogus pseudo-scientific explanations. I never got around to doing it… one of the many self-indulgent project ideas that’s still waiting to be acted on.

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