Spring and Winter

Here are a couple remixes of the woods near my home.


Photo Remix by Paul Smedberg


Photo Remix by Paul Smedberg


~ by bracketbracket on January 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “Spring and Winter”

  1. Something is growing in that first one… it looks a little like my vision when I’m starting to get a scintillating scotoma, right at the point when I can tell that things don’t look quite right but I’m not sure…. Part of the reason the picture reminds me of that sensation (which I feel like I am inducing right now as I type about it) is that the otherness, which is organically part of the normal picture but not quite right, is emanating from the center where the vision phenomenon starts.

    Do you ever get those? Does that explain some of your artistic vision?

  2. I do get those. The first time it happened I thought my cornea was tearing apart. It has since been explained as a kind of no-pain migraine. But, until you mentioned it, I hadn’t put the two together. They are very similar.

    As to your last question, I think “explain” and “vision thing” aren’t even in the same cerebral ballpark. Sometimes, after finishing a piece, I see possible metaphoric meaning, or precedents, or influences, or even political connotations. But they aren’t there at birth. At least not consciously.

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