Bright Little Pixies

I thought

at first

that there was

some sort of a problem


of course

if you think there’s a problem

there IS a problem

even if that’s the only problem


which it isn’t


this problem has to do with depth


too much here

too little there



nearly naked

on a rotten timber

above a fathomless hole

in the dark

with flat-soled salesman’s shoes on


best just not to move


really I’m lightly

food poisoned

from the buffet

in the guest suite

of a molded plastic products distributor

near the convention hall

where for three days

plastic paid all the bills


wait wait wait

if I just lie down

right where I am

and stay absolutely still

they’ll eventually find me

and put me in a room

with a tv

with a remote

which I can tune

to a nature show

with little ferret-like animals

cute ferret-like animals

(hell, they could be ferrets)

running all over


and I can get out of the bed

and climb on a chair

and put my eye

right up to the tv

and feel the electricity in my cheek

and see the bright little pixies

that hid my clothes



~ by bracketbracket on November 29, 2009.

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