Sunday is Tuesday in Lebanon (Savonarola)

Sunday is Tuesday in Lebanon

Green is Blue in Spain

Bill is Rachel in the country

and behind my eyes is pain.


I’m slipping diagonally between different views of time and place

and it hurts my head.


In order to stay on the surface of the earth

I can only pick certain times

and certain people.

Skipping staccato across a crowd in Panama

briefly inhabiting every 3rd teenager

slowing and finally dropping in on a 12 year old

by the Cathedral

who is praying.


Surprise Pablo!

I’m a brand new voice in your head.

I’m not God, but a kind of friendly spirit.

wait . . .



Lost it!

It’s suddenly Florence, 15th century again.

and they’re lighting the fire under me now.


I’m toast.



~ by bracketbracket on May 22, 2009.

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