Photo Assemblage by Paul Smedberg

yeah, like you’ve never run a red light before
like you’ve never pried open a man hole cover
just to piss on whatever’s down there
at 3am
after being thrown out of the bar
without your girl
without your keys
without your wallet

and all you’ve got in your pocket
is a crumpled snapshot
of your grandmother’s gravestone
which is cracked
because your mother took a bat to it

~ by bracketbracket on February 14, 2009.

3 Responses to “Stopped”

  1. Great poem, interesting, unexpected, delightful. I like dark humor.

  2. Las Vegas DUI Attorney

    I think this is more than dark. Morose, bleak, necrotic even! Yes I think those are better words to describe this poem.

    It… has its moments though.

  3. Thanks wegottobefree and LV DUI.

    If I ever need animated, single word reviews like —
    Riveting -Time Magazine
    Delightful -E Weekly
    Brilliant -Travel Channel

    i’ll for sure want to add

    Necrotic -Los Vegas DUI


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