Service with a Simile

Well, it’s not really writing

not that you can notice

there aren’t really metaphors

per se

not really poetry

qua poetry

it’s more like

oh, I don’t know

like something that slipped out

fell onto the page

landed where it landed


shapes of white

against the black page

coming from somewhere

oh, damn, that’s the phone . . .


. . .


well, that seemed to take forever

not a bad conversation

just nothing memorable


and how about this

crossed over into memorable yet?




I could pour out my heart about something troubling

or liken something violent to something sweet

then you’d listen to me


or something political

about my deep knowledge

of the downtrodden


then you’d listen to me


so I’m middle class

so I’m middle aged

so I live in the middle west


so sue me


~ by bracketbracket on February 14, 2009.

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